The 4 most powerful business benefits of Office 365

It’s a Microsoft world, and we’re simply living in it.

But is that such a terrible thing?

With the emergence of Office 365 back in the early 2010s, businesses everywhere were given the ability to do more, to do it anywhere, to do it with anyone, and to do it in less time. That’s great, right?


But what exactly are the business benefits of Office 365? Let’s go ahead and lay them out in black and white,

The tools

What’s not to like about all the apps contained within Office 365?

From OneNote and Excel to PowerPoint and Teams, the Office 365 suite is basically the go-to source for business productivity. The tools are rich, powerful, and user-friendly. Whether you need to create an organization-wide data-mining tool or an interactive presentation for thousands of people, Office 365 can do it all.

And what’s more, Microsoft’s desire for greater productivity and capabilities through its many tools will only deepen in the future — as made apparent with its active interest in useful additions like SwitchBot and

The familiarity

Companies across the globe have become successful using nothing but Office 365 to create, manage, and collaborate. It’s what people are familiar with, and it’s what the majority of business professionals are using on a daily basis.

But why is this important to you?

It’s about familiarity. If you’re working with the same tools and software as your vendors and clients, then that will only make things easier for your team.

The mobility

Office 365 isn’t held back by four walls and a ceiling. Not at all.

With this 21st-century tool, you can go anywhere and still work as if you’re sitting in your chair at the office. Whether you need to write up a document on your smartphone or use another person’s computer to create a presentation, the world is your oyster … or, more accurately put, the world is your office.

The security

Since Office 365 dabbles in cloud computing, many people are quick to jump to the conclusion that Office 365 is anything but secure.

However, that’s not entirely true. Actually … it’s not true at all.

If we’re talking the typical small business security versus Office 365 security, Office 365 will win that argument 10 times out of 10. From physical safeguards and biometric scanners to state-of-the-art data encryption and automated backups, your data is perfectly safe in Microsoft’s hands.

Take a quick peek at Sharegate’s infographic to learn more.


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