increase workplace productivity with better fitness using these fitness apps

3 fitness apps to keep you feeling great at work

Whether it’s hitting the gym or joining up with co-workers for the next Spartan Race, getting in shape is great for your outlook, as well as your performance at work. It’s also great preventative health care, which is why many companies encourage their employees to stay active outside the office.

And technology supports this mission in innovative ways.

But we get it. You’re active. And busy. That’s why we took the time to construct this list of 3 fitness apps that will support you in your mission to stay healthy and do better work as a result.

FitStar is your new digital personal trainer

Having trouble scheduling time with a personal trainer? Then FitStar is for you.

Think of the app like a digital personal trainer. Customize workouts, increase or decrease difficulty according to your needs, and set fitness goals with a mapped-out plan to reach them. And all within one app. Also, did we mention it interfaces seamlessly with your Fitbit?

You can try the app for free or select one of several paid options to unlock extra features. With FitStar, you can lose the scheduling conflicts and the extra pounds at the same time, whether from the gym at work or the comfort of your own home.

Sensoria Run is your new running coach

Running is all about rhythm in your breathing and steps. And commitment, of course. Sensoria Run can help you with all of the above.

This app tracks your cadence and can send you notifications when you get out of step. What’s more, it also functions as your digital running coach, cheering and encouraging you on.

Simply pick out your favorite running tunes, set some goals, and hit the road. Your personal coach, named Mara, will manage your workouts to keep you healthy and improving. Pretty great, right?

Short on time? 7Fit is your 7 minute HIT workout

Sometimes you’re just so busy that you don’t have time for a “full” workout. Except, with 7Fit, you do.

7Fit breaks a series of workouts into thirty-second chunks designed to give you a full workout in 7 minutes. The best part? The exercises are selected, so you can do them anywhere, adding additional flexibility.

Drop some squats in the garage. Pump some pushups in the living room. Bust out burpees in the gym at work. But most of all, get a healthier lifestyle in only 7 minutes a day.

Fitness apps are the future

New technologies and apps related to the health and fitness industry are coming out all the time. And they’re about more than just working out. Apps and devices can help you sleep, lose weight, and even find workout partners. And it’s all available right on your smartphone.

Technology is changing life at every level, from IoT at home to the business systems you use at work. So why not let it change the way you work out?