Large Diagnostic Company Adds New Technology in 200 Locations

SITUATION: Medical Company had been working with another IT service company on a very large project that updated equipment at many locations. They were not satisfied with the IT service company and called Systemize Network.

CONTRACT/SOLUTION:Systemize Networks was contracted to provide IPads, TV’s & Network Cables that were integrated to the headquarters main server.Fee was based upon each location

OUR TEAM: We met and presented our solution with a timeline and budget to the Operations Manager. The team who implemented the project consisted of 25 professional techs who worked with 1 management official at each location.

LOCATION: 9 locations within the one School District in Pennsylvania

RESULT: Systemize Networks completed 200 individual locations in the US within 6 weeks. This contract was completed successfully and was awarded an additional 2000 sites over the next 18 months.